We focus on recruitment within consumer, property, construction and charity sectors.  Working  across a growing client base including FTSE 100 companies and emerging brands, both in the UK and internationally.

Our values are closely aligned with our name.  Socium is a Latin word which was used by Roman soldiers to show their allegiance with one another while fighting for a common cause.   At Socium Search, we work as allies and collaborators, supporting and working effectively with our clients as a valuable and reliable resource. Our values are…

  • Partnership

    Working with our clients, we form trusted and lasting partnerships. We are committed to learning about your business, your priorities and your culture, so that we can effectively collaborate with your business.

  • Success

    We deliver success for both our clients and candidates. By working in alignment with your priorities and timescales, we focus on securing a hire that matches the needs of both parties to ensure success all-round.

  • Prosperity

    Delivering prosperity for both clients and candidates is at the heart of what we do.  True prosperity comes only when both parties flourish, thrive and succeed with their new hire or career.